House of Garrard – Website Redevelopment

Redeveloping a brand to concentrate on luxury and refinement

The House of Garrard has a heritage unrivalled by any jewellery house in the world.

Throughout its history, Garrard has worked closely with the British Royal Family, as well as many Royal families across the globe. Appointed Crown Jeweller by Queen Victoria in 1843, Garrard has served each subsequent British monarch, creating many beautiful jewels, including iconic tiaras and the Marguerite sapphire cluster engagement ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

We were extremely pleased to support their brand redevelopment with a new website and the beginnings of a digital transformation project.

Key to the site redevelopment was a new look and feel, to compliment the Garrard brand updates, whilst better showcasing their thoughtful and exquisite pieces, elegant designs, and long tradition of creating bespoke high jewellery.



It was clear that their online presence would benefit from clearer user journeys – moving product front and centre, highlighting collections & jewellery and reducing the need to wade through content to encourage repeat visits. We also implemented a mega-dropdown on navigation items to allow users to find their way quickly and easily through the site, readily surfacing more content whilst reducing the amount of user clicks.


We spent time focusing on the Collections landing page to present the differences between the variety of collections and pieces  – with sympathetic and calming influences in the design to ensure that users never felt rushed. This brand is one that encourages a pause, to take your time and enjoy. We wanted this reflected in the site style, providing the space and time for users to browse, discover, and if of interest click on a call-to-action.



Product landing pages – i.e. for jewellery type, or collection – were created to show off the inspirational designs, with large imagery supported by site functionality to allow users to find the products that they are looking for.




Despite the change to rebalance the heritage content with product, we recognised that the history of the brand provides it with its timeless appeal and legacy. Therefore, we developed new sections to talk about the Story of Garrard and mobile-responsive timelines that emphasise the importance of Garrard’s Royal Legacy.



With the launch of the new website, we’ve also changed how data, enquiries and feedback are collected and used internally. To begin with, we went through a fundamental reworking of data collection to ensure that it was GDPR-compliant with the new regulations coming in from next year. We then implemented feeds direct into a central application which provides all their teams with a single place to see leads, enquiries and contact form requests – which they can use to understand their customers better.

From an analytics standpoint, we have developed a Google Data Studio dashboard report (based on our Filter templates) which is being used to understand referral traffic and acquisition channels for the brand, as well as understand user behaviour on the site – for instance, which are the most popular collections and pieces.

House of Garrard is a timeless brand; with their transformation, they are also now a brand that provides a fully digital experience.