Crystal Palace F.C.

A Premier League football club generates a lot of rich content and we’ve worked alongside CPFC for over 3 years to support getting this content in front of existing and new fans.

Established in 1905, Crystal Palace Football Club play at the top flight of English football. Based at Selhurst Park, the clubs fan base is predominately centred around South London, Kent and Surrey.

In a bid to engage existing club members and to extend their supporter base geographically, the club recognised there was an opportunity to drive engagement through their owned online platforms. To build this online following, Filter Digital were commissioned to build a self-service and dynamic platform to allow the in-house team to publish and showcase official, unique and relevant content.

Product delivery overview

  • Digital Transformation and Strategy
  • Single fan view
  • Palace TV
  • Hospitality site
  • Selhurst Park

Digital Transformation and Strategy

From the start, Filter Digital wanted to adopt a culture of partnership, working closely with the key stakeholders and relevant in-house teams. Based on the client brief, Filter Digital created a considered list of recommendations based on processes, platforms and technical know-how which would be delivered in a tactical and structured way ensuring the project ran on time and in budget.

Single fan view

To help add to the club’s understanding of their fan base, it was agreed that the site would incorporate both sign-up and social login options for access to encourage fans to opt-in to receive timely updates and notifications. Filter Digital took that concept further by wrapping up both the content delivery and the notification functionality into a mobile app, which integrates with the authentication system.

Palace TV

As part of the project, Palace TV was created to give fans free access to exclusive content produced by the in-house production team. This video driven platform has given fans the ability to access live streams, match highlights, exclusive interviews, pre-match insights, player profiles and much more. With fresh new content being uploaded all the time, Palace TV has built up a substantial catalogue of content that the fans can access and interact with.

Hospitality Site

A separate sister site was created that focuses on the redevelopment of the new stadium at Selhurst park plus the club’s match day and sponsorship packages. The site will soon launch with Matterport 360-video to support the experience.

Selhurst Park

Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC is a unique multi – purpose venue capable of hosting a wide range of events. Creating its own identity was a crucial part of the club’s strategy in enhancing the revenue potential from the hospitality industry. The new website featured content on the stadium, event spaces available to hire and a calendar of events.

Platform advancement

The platform has evolved, with exclusive ‘extras’, downloadable wallpapers, fan voting, special offers and competitions. Every matchday, event or competition that the club takes part in is an opportunity to develop and distribute highly focussed and collaborative content and we’ve continued to find new and innovative ways to work with the club to engage their fans. All this activity has added to the recognised value of membership and helped turn the content portal into the hub of the club’s efforts to communicate effectively in a deeper and more meaningful.


The content portal was a great vehicle for launching the idea of free membership for fans. The club had a longstanding program with several tiers of membership, each providing access to tickets and other attractive and exclusive benefits. When the chairman explained to us that he wanted to introduce a free membership program with the idea of integrating this into exclusive access to content, we felt a standalone agile platform would provide the club with the best mechanism for registering and tracking membership in addition to managing the publishing of the content that fans were looking for.

We were careful to keep the barrier to sign-up as low as possible, offering fans the chance to login with their current paid member accounts, quickly register as new fans or use their social platform profiles. We all anticipated that the majority of fans signing up for free membership would be happy to consent to receive additional marketing communications from the club and this indeed was the case. This gave the club a very valuable contact database that complemented their existing data, consisting of people who had a real interest in the club and who might be encouraged to join one of the paid membership programs or sample one of the clubs excellent matchday packages.

Adding this new data about free members to existing analytics, e-commerce and ticket office data has also helped round-out the club’s understanding of typical fan journeys and the purchase funnel for tickets, merchandise and memberships.


Of course, data that doesn’t get analysed and reported on effectively is of no real value to a business and keeping data just for the sake of having it is a practice that isn’t to be encouraged.

Our extensive experience of working with data generated by websites and social platforms meant that we were ideally placed to work with the club to translate the data that was being collected into insightful reports that could be used throughout the business to help refine strategies to provide better fan experiences and a more targeted approach to executing club communication.

Reaction and feedback

Oliver Morrison, Filter Digital CEO said about CPFC:

The key to the successful delivery of the project was working in partnership with the client. Bringing together in-house talent and agency experience and expertise resulted in a genuine collaboration with a shared desire to improve the current offering.