The Filter Guide to Campaign Tracking

Campaign tracking is a fundamental part of digital marketing reporting

Without campaign tracking, it’s nearly impossible to accurately track campaigns, which means that there is no way to know if a campaign is successful or if it is wasting money. 

If you can see a particular campaign is performing well, you can “follow the bright spots”, learn, monitor and ensure future campaigns are just as impactful. Likewise, when a particular campaign doesn’t perform as you expect, you can take action, improve the campaign, stop or focus on a new one saving yourself valuable time and resource.

Any successful business needs to know which marketing techniques are effective to their customers, members and target audience. At Filter, we work with all our clients to ensure their campaigns are tagged and tracked correctly so that the marketing teams can report to the business on KPIs and the impact of their work. Primarily, we use Google Analytics.

We have created a quick guide to Campaign Tracking covering everything from using Google Analytics, to adding Campaign Tracking Parameters, Tagging URLs, Campaign Results, Google Analytics Segments and a URL Builder.

So, if you are looking to improve engagement online and want to use analytics to help inform your direction, take a look at our Campaign Tracking guide. We are confident it will provide some valuable insights and explanations that will support your digital marketing efforts.

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