The Filter Exchange – Pitch perfection

Last week saw a Filter Exchange with a difference. Our audience of agency specialists were treated to a masterclass focusing on how to perfectly pitch and gain the presentation advantage.

Michael Trigg, the Presentation Maestro, effortlessly delivered his approach to keeping people’s attention and conveying messages with clarity.

Michael started by canvassing the room to find out what the common challenges were when pitching ideas, projects and work. Anxiety about standing in front of an audience and effectively demonstrating authenticity and experience were top of the list. Others stated lack of time to prepare for presentations, delivering on expectation and worrying over being a ‘small’ agency were also mentioned.

After being reassured that these are all normal apprehensions to have (some of which are helpful), Michael demonstrated his approach to pitching and presenting. Sharing his bulletproof structure and performing examples to emphasize how it works in practice, he highlighted how you can prepare and deliver a knockout presentation time and time again.

Our takeaway tips were:

  • Prepare your first 90 seconds. The rest will follow
  • Open with a ‘big picture’ statement then funnel down to introduce your topic
  • Acknowledge and introduce yourself to everyone in the room
  • Keep to three main agenda items. People won’t remember more
  • Have the courage to pause
  • Vary the pitch
  • Remember to smile
  • Thank those for listening

It was fascinating to witness how making just a few small adjustments to how you would normally present, can give you that presentation advantage. A thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and engaging masterclass.
For more of Michaels work, please have a look at

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