The FILTER EXCHANGE: Business Agility Review!

The third Filter Exchange event took place on Wednesday 4th December with a full house of Agency Founders and Owners.

This time we were delighted to invite not one, but two guest presenters to share their approach to being agile, adaptable, relevant and successful.
Suzanne Linton, founder of Freestyle gave an honest account of how the agency has grown, shrunk and grown again to now being an agency known for its award-winning culture.

Suzanne shared her story of creating a team that cares about their work, each other and Freestlye. How at Freestyle they have purposefully minimized boundaries and rules, removing timesheets and allowing teams to define their tasks and deadlines.

How creating a safe environment for people to say no, has contributed to a no-blame culture. Whilst recruiting cautiously and treating people like adults is supporting the agencies approach of coaching and mentoring the team.

Suzanne’s talk gave the audience lots to think about and raised many interesting questions particularly around the implementation of such an agile business model.

Phil Lewis, founder of Corporate Punk, gave an equally impressive insight into his world of changing businesses inside out, acting and thinking human first.

Phil’s dynamic and fast-paced presentation covered the topics of great leadership and understanding of organisational culture. Phil explained that understanding the social order of your business and its operating systems is at the heart of a successful business. A lack of understanding, no shared concept of culture, lack of language around culture and lack of data all being barriers to this success.

Phil went on to highlight what businesses need to focus on, to be effective and prosperous. High performing teams being one of them. Teams who demonstrate resilience, are responsive and have innovation potential. An aligned business agenda with a clear vision, autonomy and a good dose of “healthy politics”. Creative capabilities and dynamic leadership were also presented. In conclusion, Phil spoke about how successful businesses ultimately have a shared language and have open, honest and connective conversations.

Again, the Filter Exchange provided some exceptional storytelling, unique concepts and personal insights, and lots to talk about over drinks.We were thrilled with how successful the event went and delighted to have received such positive comments from our guests, one of which we wanted to share.

Thank you for hosting such a super event once again. Always such a lovely collection of interesting people and fascinating presentations

With the Filter Exchange community growing from strength to strength, we are delighted to say that we are doing it all again in 2020.

Want to attend the next event?

Our Filter Exchange events are by invitation only. We are, however, always open to meeting new connections. So if you are an agency owner or senior leader within an agency and think the Filter Exchange may be of interest to you, then do get in touch.

The Filter Exchange is entirely free to attend.

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