The Action Cures Experiment

Filter Digital has helped develop a new start-up to improve mental health, called Action Cures.

Action Cures is a practical online tool which is aimed at helping others understand, track and improve their own mental health.

Action Cures, created by Mark Foster, was originally a blog about depression, anxiety and the stresses that he and so many people feel every day. Mark teamed up with Alex Bailey, a Data Analyst, to talk about how a practical online tool could help others understand, track and improve their own mental health.

Mark sought the expertise and support of our CTO, Paul Halfpenny, to help him create the Action Cures Experiment. Due the nature of the project, Filter Digital took the decision to undertake a pro-bono partnership to help Action Cures develop this new platform.

Paul Halfpenny, CTO, said:

“Mental health and anxiety are one of the key challenges facing people in society right now. Through building the prototype, we hope to be able to help people to understand their moods better and to understand what they can do to support their mental health. We are really proud to be a part of this project and are really looking forward to working with the Action Cures team to further develop the platform.”

To find out more, have a read of our short case study or visit

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