Speaker Highlight – Puff Story, 3 Sided Cube

Thursday 16th May saw Filter Digital embark on their first ever Filter Exchange meetup; a new type of event where the sole objective is to provide an informal environment for agency owners, founders and leaders to share knowledge, insights and best practice while making some positive connections with like-minded people.

When considering potential speakers, both Paul and Olly championed Sophia ‘Puff’ Story of 3 Sided Cube. Having a first-hand experience of the great work coming out of the agency, they knew Puff had been working on some amazingly unique projects, which they hoped she would be willing to share.

They also knew that she would present with honesty, passion, and enthusiasm and above all tell a good story. To our delight, Puff was more than happy to present to our hand-picked audience of agency leaders.

About Puff Story

Puff is Chief Change Maker at 3 Sided Cube – a global app development agency with a mission to ‘Build tech for good’. Based in the UK, the team helps NGOs, brands and businesses to have an impact, change lives and solve big problems worldwide.

Clients including the American Red Cross, Global Forest Watch, Save the Children and RSPB have all benefited from Puff’s expertise in aiding in the adoption of disruptive technology to create change.

Case Studies

To demonstrate their philosophy of only creating apps that have a positive purpose, Puff shared some noteworthy case studies. Including development of disaster preparedness and emergency alerting apps to help during natural disasters, as well as using satellite technology to monitor and prevent clearing of the world’s forests.

She then provided some detail around one of their biggest projects to date, a Webby Award-winning blood tracking platform for the American Red Cross. With blood banks running low and donations continuing to drop-off across the US, the American Red Cross reached out to 3 Sided Cube to combat the barriers that potential and existing donors were facing.

Together they developed an innovative app that encourages, engages and motivates potential/existing donors, by allowing users to sign up and book an appointment, and then crucially allowing users track where their blood went and how it was used. The app has become a key driver in terms of both new donors registered and increases in the amount of blood that is being donated each month.

Users love being able to see the impact of their donation, and the ‘feelgood factor’ means that they are more likely to continue to donate regularly.

The app has had over 1 million downloads, saved over 800-thousand lives globally and helped to bring in over $90 million in revenue for the charity itself. It is a perfect example of the 3 Sided Cube motto of building ‘tech for good’.


Puff also generously shared the Agency’s approach to innovation, which provides team members with dedicated time to work on ideas that will have a social impact or enhance their personal development. Through this initiative, many ideas have eventually contributed to pitch processes and won work, by showing clients how technology can be used in new and innovative ways.

It provided a great deal of conversation in the room, with many questions on how they keep their team focused and accountable for delivering workable prototypes. Puff mentioned that their regular 4pm Friday ‘all hands’ sessions were key to this – the company downs tools and listens to presentations on that week’s innovation project.

By ensuring that there was a dedicated slot, those working on innovation each week know that they have to meet a deadline – this keeps their projects to a workable and achievable size and presenting ideas back to peers means that they know they will be asked detailed questions.

Within 30 minutes, Puff demonstrated her and 3 Sided Cube’s passion to not only help organisations to make a real difference but also to build an agency with a strong team and innovation culture and the highs, lows, challenges and success stories that happen along the way.

Find out more

We really wanted to thank Puff for giving the Filter Exchange her time and we look forward to welcoming her to the next event in September when we will be extending our invites to more friends and connections in the creative and digital agency sectors.

For those who would like to find out more about the work of 3 Sided Cube visit:

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