Selhurst Park brand refresh goes live

We are pleased to have launched a refreshed Selhurst Park website, moving away from the traditional black and red to a newly invigorated colour palette.

Selecting the right colours is central to presenting an appealing presence, conveying emotions, reactions and experiences. Selhurst Park as an events venue needs to invoke trust and responsibility, and the use of the colour blue in the new brand is now paramount to portraying this. The additional accenting of Gold supports with its association to prosperity, glitz, and glamour, combining well with the blue to support the selling of an exclusive events venue ideal for celebrations, weddings, and corporate entertainment.

Filter worked collaboratively with the Crystal Palace F.C team to ensure that the updated colour palette was carried across to the website as part of an overall re-launch of the marketing brand, ready for the new season and the 19/20 events programme.

To take a look at the new brand and find out more about Selhurst Park, click here.

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