Hotel Room Chooser hits Stateside!

We are delighted that our Hotel Room Chooser technology has once again hit the press.

This time, it has been picked up by New York-based Hotel Business Magazine. The magazine, both in print and online, covers the latest news and talks about topics from the hospitality industry.

Our CEO, Oliver Morrison, gave them an insight into the platform’s purpose and capabilities. Introducing them to the hotel room booking system that provides guests with the opportunity to choose their own room based on interactive floor plans and 360-degree room views.

“In five years, allowing guests to choose their own room based on interactive visual information will be a baseline offering—hotel groups that aren’t able to offer this will be left behind as customers gravitate toward those providing this choice”, Oliver explains.

Oliver continued to describe how the team at Filter Digital have worked hard to ensure the platform has the flexibility to either be fully integrated into a hotels existing booking journey or sit outside as a post booking process, whilst also understanding that Hoteliers primary consideration when deliberating such a technology solution is one of integration and customisation.

Looking towards the future, Oliver said, “In the more immediate future, our focus is on layering up the solution to keep in step with advances in both technology and the kinds of functionality hotels demand.”

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