Cato Hunt to bring new Insights to the Filter Exchange

Cato Hunt has spent her career helping clients grow their brands through a deep understanding of changing cultural meaning.

She specialises in finding insight that makes a difference, that unlocks new ways of thinking and being. Through questioning, reframing and (re)imagining, Cato craft strategies, stories, designs and experiences that positively shape culture – and resonate more deeply with people.

Cato started her career at Added Value (now Kantar) where she grew and led the Global Cultural Insight team.

Now at Space Doctors, she leads the way in pioneering new ways to understand, create and measure meaning. She drives thought-leadership; pioneering the application of semiotics across branding, marketing and design. Using hybrid, experimental approaches across the cognitive and behavioural sciences, anthropology, user experience and speculative design, Cato pilots’ new ways for brands to understand, measure and create meaning.

Cato’s recent work in the field of Sensory Semiotics led to the world’s first sensory semiotic chocolate experiment (with Bompas & Parr and Oxford University), an immersive ‘treehouse’ hotel room hanging from a 26 foot crane and the development of a ‘synaesthetic brand’.

With Cato’s unique background in semiotics, cultural insight, trends, ethnography and strategy, we are super excited to hear some of her insights at the next Filter Exchange event on the 5th September.

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