Digital doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. Our Labs team was created to develop bespoke solutions.

We believe that innovation and experimentation drive us forward, equipping us to overcome new challenges and find rewards in the unknown.

We work on several custom products to stretch our knowledge and to provide answers to our naturally inquisitive side.



Personalise your WordPress pages to display relevant content to users on your website.
We’ve developed WP-DXP, a plugin that allows you to start using WordPress as a digital experience platform, adding personalisation and conditional rules to the content that your users see and can interact with.
With WP-DXP use the Gutenberg Editor, select which rules are used on each block and choose the action of whether to hide or display the block.

WP-DXP Banner

Hotel Room Chooser

A digital platform offering guests a more personalised room booking experience.
We developed a standalone, plug and play platform to improve direct bookings, delivering a better guest experience and increased satisfaction.


Brand Content Portal

Creating content, but failing to get enough value in return?

We believe that you can move your users from passive consumers on to paying customers, gathering data along the way. We are working on a new platform to make this easier and require less investment, so you can concentrate on creating your unique content.