Filter Labs.

As we come across new innovations and challenges in our work with clients, we often spin off our experiments into full-blown products of their own. Here are a selection of those currently in use with other companies and brands

The best hotel platform for choosing your own room

Do you want to let your customers choose their hotel room before they arrive? We've developed a standalone, plug and play platform that can improve your direct bookings, deliver a better guest experience and scale with your needs, all without high upfront costs, and developed so that your IT team can sleep easy at night.

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For new prospects and retaining existing members

A trial voucher platform, designed for gyms and health clubs. It allows you to welcome new leads and drive conversions auto-triggered trial vouchers via email, reduce churn by giving members a reason to stay, and is designed to be campaign-specific - targeting segments and individuals as required.

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Which sportstars have the highest social media reach?

We created Sportstar Influencer to find out which Premier League footballers are most influential on social media, and how they compare with each other. We rank each player by aggregating data from their verified social media profiles and adding our own special multiplier algorithm based on the reactions to their posts.

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Deliver free and paid exclusive content to brand fans

Creating content, but failing to get enough value in return? We believe that you can move your users from passive consumers on to paying customers, gathering data along the way. We are working on a new platform to make this easier and require less investment, so you can concentrate on creating your unique content.

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