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Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace F.C., is a unique, multi–purpose venue capable of hosting a wide range of events.

Enhancing the online profile of the facilities at Selhurst Park

Just 20 minutes away from the centre of London, Selhurst Park not only hosts Premier League football, but also a range of stylish and contemporary function spaces, perfect for accommodating all events from business meetings to weddings. Creating the venue’s own identity was a crucial part of the club’s strategy in enhancing the revenue potential from the hospitality industry.


CPFC sought the guidance and expertise of the Filter Digital team. Working in partnership, Filter Digital were able to help them plan the most suitable online solution which would allow them to display content on the stadium, a calendar of events and – crucially – details of all the event spaces. CPFC also asked Filter Digital to create additional 360-degree tours of all the hospitality areas.


The website build was the relatively easy bit.  Capturing 360- degree tours of the event spaces was going to take more detailed planning. After some research and consideration, we decided to adopt the use of the Matterport camera system. We felt the Matterport presented many benefits. Specifically, versatility as it can scan virtually any space from any angle. It creates a highly realistic virtual environment and captures exceptional 360-degree views. Furthermore, the precise camera system produces spatially accurate schematic floor plans.


The team set about scanning the 2010 club, a sophisticated and super stylish, ground floor bar perfect for cocktail parties. The next space to be captured was the Coppell 2010, a cosier, stylish space, prefect for corporate entertaining. Once the scans had been taken, the data was then complied into a fully navigational 3D model of the hospitality spaces which can be rotated in 360 degrees. The images were then overlaid with additional information using a combination of text and images. The tours where then Imbedded onto the Selhurst Park Hospitality website, providing fans and customers an exact view of the space they can enjoy as part of their match day experience.
With the addition of using the Matterport camera system, viewers can now explore these event spaces from a variety of viewpoints, learn more about the aspects of the rooms location and get a feel for the space without having to physically travel there.

Performance & Results

Using the Matterport camera system enabled us to fully deliver on the project brief.  It produced realistic virtual environments which are professional and spatially accurate. There are now plans in place to capture 360 degrees tours of other areas within Selhurst Park and to capture views from seats within the stadium.


Next up, we are working to allow for online bookings through the use of WooCommerce Bookings.

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