Safe For Work

Getting people safely back into work

From the outset of COVID-19, Filter recognised that the rules and practicalities of ensuring staff are safe for work had changed.

The conundrum… How are employers going to track the health status of employees to ensure staff arriving at work are safe to work?


Where working from home is not possible or practical, employers now more than ever, have a duty of care to ensure they provide welfare facilities and safe and healthy working environments.
Filter set out to build an app that would provide a quick and easy way for employers to check employees are well and reporting no symptoms of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Providing colleagues working together the reassurance that everyone who is at work, is safe to work.

Safe For Work App

App Tech

The app prototype was built using Ionic framework and React. As previous users of React Native, Ionic was chosen in part due to its React support but also its speed of delivery.
Firebase was used to integrate authentication, cloud store and notifications. New features related to geolocation and QR codes are also in development.
In addition CI/CD process where automated to the stores via AppFlow which reduce the time to release and enables daily updates.


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