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Medivet are a community of passionate veterinary professionals committed to providing truly exceptional care.

Developing a new approach to Medivet’s client communication

The team at Filter Digital have been working with Medivet to create a new future-fit digital ecosystem with the aims of enhancing client experience and delivering on business needs. Medivet is one of the largest chains of vet clinics in the UK, and are growing rapidly year on year.


With ambition for continued growth, Medivet were aware of the need to upgrade the online offering to support their clients and to promote overall brand profile. As part of our continued work with the Medivet marketing team, we have most recently developed a new approach to their reminders management system.
Medivet previously distributed customer Reminders for vaccinations, treatments and other scheduled activities through their Practice Management System. The process was primarily driven through manual processes carried out by practice staff, sending a templated communication via a standard SMTP gateway.


Filter then developed a Reminders microservice in Microsoft Azure, to parse and process reminder data files, apply grouping logic to eliminate unnecessary messages before sending, mapping these reminders to pre-defined templates to generate messages before routing the prepared personalised messages to the delivery channel specified by the client. At the last count over 100 separate templates have been configured, each with variants for email, SMS and – more recently – a postal service.

Performance & Results

The reminders engine now processes over 5,000 reminders a day. In 2019 about 1 million reminder messages were processed. In 2020 that number is likely increase by 75%.
The volume and diversity of reminders now sent is a recognition by the business of the continuing effectiveness of work done. A high cadence release and development cycle managed through a tightly defined roadmap has allowed the business to extend the coverage of the reminder’s engine to new product categories and new delivery platforms.


Full clarity of ROI on Reminders comms programmes
Increased focus within the business on Reminders
Measurable and significant impact on compliance
New system is nimble and responsive to change

“We’re delighted to be working so tightly with Medivet, taking a decoupled approach to developing platforms and solutions. Digital in these times means separate, with scalable technologies linked seamlessly in the background by data to provide a homogenous personalised experience and the custom Reminders engine is a great example of this.”

Oliver Morrison

Filter Digital, CEO

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