Full Digital Ecosystem Review

A full, digital ecosytem audit to for a 60 year old non-profit
D&AD are renowned for representing global creative, design and advertising communities, celebrating brilliance in commercial creativity.


D&AD is a non-profit advertising and design association established in 1962 by a group of designers and art directors including the likes of David Bailey and Terence Donovan. D&AD exists today to stimulate, enable and award creative excellence in design and advertising with its membership representing creative, design and advertising communities worldwide.
Filter Digital were commissioned by D&AD in 2017 to review and produce a full audit of their digital ecosystem, in order to make recommendations for future marketing activity and platform management.


D&AD were encountering some challenges around legacy technology, providing optimal front-end experiences and administration of entries, specifically related to their annual online awards.
The overall objective for conducting the audit was to provide D&AD with an objective view of their current digital ecosystem; to best inform them to make future decisions about their ongoing approach to digital and digital strategy.



Upon completing and presenting the view to management and the wider marketing team, Filter were able to define and complete a number of short, medium and long-term tasks to propel D&AD’s online offering.

  • Recommended changes required to digital ecosystem
  • CRM Engine modifications to user journey/back-end setup
  • Short-term fixes/improvements to digital UX and membership registration
  • Improvements to reporting structures and frequency
  • Areas of 3rd party integration requiring attention
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